5 Tips for your first day skiing

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At last, you made up your mind. This winter it’s finally happening: you’re going to start skiing! Winter after winter you’ve listened to your friends talk about the wonders of the snow,  how they enjoy “carving” on their skis or snowboard, how they do jumps, ski powder and how they conquered that scary steep black run.  Finally, this winter you’ll take the step.

If you want your first experience as a skier to be perfect, you must follow some basic tips.

1. Go to the slopes without fear of falling.

Surely you have an idea of what you need, skis, boots, gloves?  but it’s a good idea to visit a specialized store, where they will advise you on the most suitable skis, boots, poles, clothes, goggles, gloves, and the list goes on!  It’s fine to be guided by fashion or style, but a piece of expert advice will get you on the right track. Buy what you need, no need to overdo the budget, maybe you can borrow some gear from friends, but we are almost sure that skiing will get you hooked.
If in your first hours you feel clumsy on the skis, think that everyone has been through the same process.
You must be aware that you are going to fall, but nothing happens because of that, and you will fall much less than you think. On your first day, you will not reach great speeds and if you fall, you just get up again. You will end up with a wet ass, yes, but you most likely will have great fun also! Halfway through the day, you’ll see how you start to control your balance and evolve with ease on the snow. After a few days, you’ll be laughing at what made you scared on that first day!

2. Get in shape before you get to the slopes.

Skiing is a demanding sport, especially if you have never practised it. When you start learning this sport, your body is going to tense up. The way your muscles work to keep you balanced is totally different to what they used to. So you must try to go to the slopes in good shape, and not a round shape. So, if you haven’t been exercising for a while, try to hit the gym and ask for a preseason workout,  ride a bike or if you know how to roller skate, that will be your best changeover sport. Once on the slopes, remember a fundamental tip: it is essential to dedicate the first minutes of your ski day to warm up and stretch the joints, it is the best way to avoid injuries.

3. Start on beginner slopes.

As much as one of your friends insists that you start skiing with them on a “very easy” track, try to avoid this option as it can ruin your experience skiing forever. Best to start step by step and go to the beginner slopes, normally marked in green. Nobody is born knowing how to ski, so don’t try to skip the basic steps, however, that friend insists. If you find it difficult to keep balance simply by taking the ski lift, imagine trying to ski down a steep slope. You will get to the blue, red and black slopes at the right time, but for now, your mission is to get a solid base on the green slopes.

4. Hire a professional ski instructor.

There is no doubt that your friends are very willing and want you to learn fast, but who can best teach you skiing is a professional instructor. With his guidance, you will learn the basics to keep your balance,  start to slide in a safe way with the snowplough technique and relax your body to get less tired. There are many basic skills you have to learn on your first day, so make sure you take that lesson from a professional instructor and avoid learning the wrong way.

5. Tighten the hooks of your boots correctly.

A fundamental trick for beginners. You’ve probably heard that the boots should fit snugly on the foot. It is very important to wear tight boots, but do not fall into the error of over-tightening the hooks on your first minutes. It is normal to feel some discomfort, the boots have never, and will never be totally comfortable. The best thing is to tighten them progressively as the day goes on. Your first slides will occur practically on plain, so no need to overkill. When you start to slide down steeper slopes at greater speeds then you’ll notice you need tighter boots.

If you follow these tips and also add a little passion, patience and prudence, the success of your first day of skiing is assured.

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