How all started:

From shared dreams on snow to a revolution in teaching

Two friends with a shared passion for snowsports had spent their entire adult lives working as ski instructors and guides in resorts around the world. As they amassed experience, they realised the repetitive, demonstration-based methods of traditional teaching were stagnating and losing their efficacy. Evolving as coaches, they believed in giving students more actual skiing time rather than lengthy explanations. Coupled with modern technology like video analysis, and focusing on the sensations experienced through changes in turn radius, incline, terrain, and speed, they observed marked improvements in their students. This observation convinced them there was a more effective teaching method than the strict routines of traditional schools.

Inspired by this, they founded their own business. With support from partners in Switzerland and Spain, Dropin-snow was born.

Our Teaching Philosophy:

At Dropin-snow, we firmly believe that every individual has a unique way of learning. By moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional ski schools, we embrace a more personalised, hands-on method. This means understanding each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. It’s not just about mastering the sport; it’s about nurturing a lifelong passion for skiing.


Avalanche Safety

Safety First:

In the world of snowsports, safety is paramount. Not only are our instructors trained to offer top-tier lessons, but they also possess comprehensive knowledge of mountain safety. From understanding snow conditions to knowing the best paths in various resorts, we ensure that every lesson is conducted in the safest environment possible. So, when you ski with Dropin-snow, you’re in safe hands.

Meet the Founders:


Started his ski instructor career in the Pyrenees, at the ski resort of Pas de la Casa, where he met Luis. They both worked together for a few years at the ski resort in Andorra. From there, Joan emigrated to Canada, where he worked in Whistler during the northern hemisphere winters, and at the Chilean resort of Valle Nevado during the southern hemisphere winters. He finally moved to Verbier in 2010, falling in love with the beauty and mountains of Valais.


Also, he started his ski instructor career at the Pas de la Casa ski school. After a few awesome years of ski instructing there, Luis travelled the world in search of high-quality waves to fulfil his surfing passion. He rejoined Joan some years later in Verbier, where, after a few years at the resort, they founded Dropin-Snow Ski School.



Hear it from our satisfied students! From beginners taking their first tentative steps on the snow to advanced skiers looking to refine their technique, our clients have diverse experiences to share. Read their stories and discover why they chose (and loved) Dropin-snow.

Based on 42 reviews
Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe
Had two wonderful days with Juan and the team. Allowed us to confidently explore the mountain and help us continue to learn. Recommend highly
Maria Kosa
Maria Kosa
Best ski day of our ski season! Juan is an amazing guide and a very nice person to boot. He gave us many useful tips to improve our freeride skills and feel more confident off-piste, showed us awesone lines we'd probably never found by ourselves and he was very careful considering avalanche dangers. On top of that, we were super lucky to get fresh powder and the views were gorgeous, so we couldn't be happier! We're already looking forward to coming back to Verbier next season and going freeriding with Juan again :)
Carlos Estévez
Carlos Estévez
It was such an amazing experience to have Luis as a trainer for 3 days in Verbier. My ski level and confidence has highly grown. Luis helped me to develop my ski skills with very effective and quick exercises. Looking forward for the next season. Definitely will see you again.
Sarah Stolen
Sarah Stolen
Geniales. Estuve con Unai y con Luis y aprendí un montón.
Samer Azar
Samer Azar
I experienced a breakthrough with skiing thanks to my incredible trainer Luis. He had an otherworldly level of expertise and was incredibly passionate, focused, and attentive to details. He used a variety of strategies, including lessons on feelings, biology, physics, snow quality, ski mechanics, and analogies to help transfer his knowledge. Under Luis's guidance, I learned about the importance of keeping my ankles loose and the technique of angulation, which involved counterbalancing my body weight during each turn. I also learned about the significance of applying pressure to the external ski at the end of each turn, the benefits of having a diverse array of skiing techniques, and how to use my poles more effectively. But the most significant breakthrough for me came when I gained the confidence to tackle the pistes noires. I found myself approaching the slopes with a curious, solution-oriented mindset instead of wear or worry. Having a coach like Luis was a rare and wonderful experience; to enhance mastery in skiing. No enough thanks can be given!
Rida Mawla
Rida Mawla
I was part of a group that hired Luis from DropinSnow as our guide for two days. I can’t begin to explain how helpful this was to my technique and overall skiing abilities. I consider myself an advanced skier. The detailed tips that Luis gave me took my skiing game to the next level in just two days. The most useful tip I received from him was to focus on relaxing my ankles while turning and carving. We tend to tense our ankles when skiing which translates to much less flexibility during compression/extension. This and the many more in depth feedback tips from Luis gave me a confidence boost that allowed me to “tear the snow up” on the next day when we went free riding! Very grateful for this experience and will surely be doing this again with him next year!
Traveler McShmaveler
Traveler McShmaveler
Two of us had a great time skiing with Joan. We booked him mostly as a guide because we were unfamiliar with Verbier, but he also provided a few really helpful tips on technique. We weren't expecting great snow since it had been a couple weeks without fresh powder, but he still found us some really nice conditions and fun turns. And he spoke perfect English, and took some great photos/videos for us. No hesitations in recommending Drop In based on our experience!
Frederick Cowper-Coles
Frederick Cowper-Coles
Excellent ski instruction which gave me lots of good tips and confidence. Really recommend and would use again.
Campbell McElroy
Campbell McElroy
We had a great couple of days skiing off piste with Luis. He's an absolute legend
Mangesh Deshmukh
Mangesh Deshmukh
We had booked ski lessons from Dropinsnow for 4 days. Both instructors Joan and Carls were very professional and excellent in ski coaching. We had a nice experience and I strongly recommend them.

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