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When is a good age for children to start skiing?

Two kids having a ski lesson with dropin-snow ski school

So, you’ve had to take a couple of years out from your skiing holidays because you’ve started a family or had a new addition. Those exciting days on the piste seem oh so far away, as do those often more exciting apres-ski evenings! When will you ever get back to ploughing through virgin powder; racing down the Black run; or hopping through the mogul fields? Well, the simple answer to that is, whenever you can get your child safely onto…

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3 Quick tips to become a better skier

Instructor ins a ski lessons in Vebier

1. Stay centred on your skis   Generally your weight needs to be evenly distributed along the length of your feet, to maintain downward pressure right along the full length of the skis. The bindings on the skis are usually set a bit back from the middle, so you need to lean forward to get your weight to the middle of the ski, pushing with your shins on the front of the ski boots, this position lets you transmits your…

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Ski buying guide

Selection of skis in a shop to sale

There many different types of skis in the market, many brands, many prices, try to choose the right skis for you can be difficult. Sometimes, in the specialised shops, the sellers can be helpful, other times they can be misleading, they’ll probably will try to asses your level of ski with few questions, but believe me, the best person to help you out on this matter is yourself. But you need to know first all the factors about the shape…

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5 Tips for your first day skiing

Close up photo of the ski snowplough for online ski school

At last you made up your mind. This winter it’s finally happening: you’re going to start skiing! Winter after winter you’ve listened to your friends talk about the wonders of the snow,  how they enjoy “carving” on their skis or snowboard, how they do jumps, ski powder, how they conquered that scary steep black run.  Finally, this winter you’ll take the step. If you want your first experience as a skier to be perfect, you must follow some basic tips.

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