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Avalanche Safety

5 of the best avalanche transceivers you can find in the market.


What is a transceiver? An avalanche transceiver is an electronic device used for search and rescue in case of an avalanche. It emits a radio signal that can be detected by other transceivers and helps rescuers locate the buried person. These are the most important features of an avalanche transceiver: Range: The range of a transceiver is how far its signal can be detected. The average range is approximately 60-80 meters, with some models reaching 200 meters. Multiple Antenna Technology:…

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Avalanche Safety Part 1

Basic off-piste ski knowledge Off-piste skiing requires special attention to avalanche safety. Any ski region outside of groomed slopes is referred to as off-piste terrain, and it frequently consists of steep, rocky, and snowy areas that should be tackled with extreme caution. Avalanche forecast research is one of the most crucial steps to do before entering off-piste terrain.  The forecast will include details on the present snowpack, the possibility of avalanches, and the mountainous regions that are most vulnerable. When…

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