We help you to determine your ski ability

It is important to be in the right ski lesson based on your ability.

Use our simple guide to identify your current ski ability. Remember, our levels show where you’re at now, not what you’ll learn. Once you know your level, check out our available ski lessons.


Skier carrying skies drawing

I’m new to skiing or still using the beginner slopes and learning to snowplough turn.


Snow plow skier drawing

I can do snowplough turns on green slopes.


Smaller Snow plow skiier drawing

I’m comfortable on blue runs. I’m no longer turning in a big snowplough but I’m not quite parallel yet.


Parrell skier drawing

I can consistently perform basic parallel turns and feel happy on groomed red slopes.


Expert parrell skier drawing

I can ski all levels of pistes in a confident parallel.


Freeride parrell skier drawing

I can handle all types of slopes and conditions, steep, bumpy or off-piste.

Level 1:

You’re just starting out on your skiing journey, maybe even stepping onto the slopes for the first time. At this level, you’re getting accustomed to the feel of skis underfoot and learning on beginner slopes. You’re taking those initial steps, mastering balance, and understanding the basics.

Level 2:

You’re moving on from the absolute basics and can confidently make basic turns on gentle slopes. At this stage, you’re getting to grips with controlling your speed and direction. The thrill of gliding down easy slopes is becoming familiar, and you’re ready for more.

Level 3:

You’ve graduated from the easiest slopes and are now navigating moderate ones. Your skiing style is evolving; you’re moving beyond basic turns and aiming for those smoother, parallel ones. While you’re not quite there yet, the progress is evident and exciting.

Level 4:

 You’re now smoothly executing parallel turns and enjoying the rhythm of skiing on medium-difficulty slopes. Your understanding of technique is growing, and you feel in control, ready to explore more of what the mountain offers.

Level 5:

At this level, you’re a confident skier. No groomed slope is too challenging for you. You glide with ease, your turns are sharp. The mountain feels like a playground, and you’re eager to tackle every slope.

Level 6:

You’re at the pinnacle of recreational skiing. Whether it’s groomed pistes, off-piste terrains, steep drops, or bumps, you navigate with expertise. You embrace all conditions, from powdery snow to icy patches, and ski with grace, skill, and confidence.

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