We help you to determine your snowboard ability

It is important to be in the right snowboard lesson based on your ability.

Use our simple guide to identify your current snowboard ability. Remember, our levels show where you’re at now, not what you’ll learn. Once you know your level, check out our available snowboard lessons.


Snowboarder carrying board drawing

I’m new to snowboarding or still using the beginner slopes.


Snowboarder Level2 drawing

I can make basic turns on easy slopes.


Snowboarder Level3 drawing

I’m comfortable on moderate slopes but still refining my turns.


Snowboarder Level4 drawing

I can ride smoothly with controlled turns on medium slopes.


Snowboarder Level5 drawing

I can ride confidently on any colour groomed slope with control and carve my turns.


Snowboarder Level6 drawing

I can handle all types of slopes and conditions, steep, bumpy or off-piste.

Level 1:

Starting from scratch, you’re stepping onto your board for the very first time. At this foundational level, you’re discovering the basics: learning to balance on the board, feeling its weight, and understanding how to move in a straight line down a gentle slope.

Level 2:

You’ve gotten the hang of the basics and can confidently glide down beginner slopes. Now, you’re practising your first turns and stops, getting a feel for the board’s edges, and starting to play with speed control. The snow beneath is becoming less intimidating and more exciting.

Level 3:

Progressing further, you’re navigating moderate slopes and are honing your turning techniques. You’re refining your balance and stance, learning to transition smoothly between heel and toe edges. The dance between you and the board feels more natural.

Level 4:

With enhanced skills, you’re confidently carving turns and handling varied terrains. You’re exploring the joys of steeper inclines and understanding the board’s potential. You might even be trying out small jumps or tricks, pushing the boundaries of what you’ve learnt.

Level 5:

You’ve become one with your board. Navigating all groomed slopes is a breeze, with sharp carves, smooth transitions, and a keen sense of balance. You’re ready to explore more challenging terrains and are experimenting with advanced tricks and techniques.

Level 6:

You’re the epitome of a seasoned snowboarder. Groomed pistes, off-piste terrains, steeps, and uneven terrains – you ride them all with flair. Your board feels like an extension of yourself, and you tackle every challenge, from deep powder to icy patches, with expert agility and confidence.

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