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Preseason Ski Workout

Ski fitness is a crucial aspect of skiing development that is frequently disregarded. To enhance your parallels and carving turns this winter so you can style it out from the first run, use the tips below to help your balance and build strength. Any ski fitness programme should focus on building strength, flexibility, and endurance. In reality, by day three of the vacation, the majority of us are beginning to feel the burn from vigorous exercise! Over time, soreness and…

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5 Excuses Stopping You From Becoming A Better Skier

Fallen skier

Learning to ski is a journey, not a destination. For as long are skiing, you will be learning. No matter how good you get or think you are, you will always be able to improve your skills, your knowledge and your experience of this wonderful sport. The thing about skiing is that the better you get the more places to ski will become available to you. And, just as get pleasure from your advancement through the different coloured slopes and…

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When is a good age for children to start skiing?

So, you’ve had to take a couple of years out from your skiing holidays because you’ve started a family or had a new addition. Those exciting days on the piste seem oh so far away, as do those often more exciting apres-ski evenings! When will you ever get back to ploughing through virgin powder; racing down the Black run; or hopping through the mogul fields? Well, the simple answer to that is, whenever you can get your child safely onto…

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All Skiers should Snowboard

Calm down and clean up the coffee you just spluttered everywhere; I don’t mean permanently. What I’m referring to is more like just having a go at it. Not with a view to convert to the “dark side”, but at the risk of another contentious statement, to understand them better. After all, like it or not, we share the mountains with them. THE LIMITATIONS OF SNOWBOARDING Some skiers here will spout something facetious, like “skis go faster”. That’s not really…

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